11 Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Here are 11 of the most common symptoms and signs of low testosterone among men.

Decreased Libido

Testosterone is one of the hormones that plays a key role in libido, or sex drive. It’s not unusual for man’s libido level to decrease as they age, low testosterone levels can decrease the desire for sexual intimacy. If low testosterone is one of the reasons for a decrease in libido, the effect will be much more obvious than when a decline in amount of libido is associated with age. Because low testosterone can happen at any time, and for a variety reasons, if you notice an increase in sexual desires, it’s important to consult your physician regarding the possibility of imbalances in testosterone. There are many ways that testosterone levels can be restored back to normal, but you should always consult your physician prior to beginning treatment or taking any supplements.

Low Semen Output

If you don’t notice any major changes in your sex drive, but you notice that the amount of semen produced is lower than usual the testosterone level could be the reason. Testosterone is a key component in the production of semen. A decrease in this hormone can cause the volume of your semen to decline with time.

The difficulty of maintaining or getting an Erection

One of the main symptoms of low testosterone is the difficulty of getting or keeping an erection. Testosterone levels may not be the primary cause of having an erection However, the hormone does work to trigger the receptors of the brain, which produce nitric oxide–a chemical necessary to achieve and maintain the erection.3 Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules involved in the chemical reaction which causes an incontinence. When a man has low testosterone, the chemical reaction becomes slowed and therefore getting an erection gets more difficult.

Before you begin to look into supplements, it’s important to be aware of the whole chemical processes that lead to the erections. Testosterone isn’t the primary cause behind the erection. There are a number of illnesses that can affect your capacity to get or maintain an erection including:


  • Alcohol use



  • Smoking



  • Stress



  • Anxiety



  • Depression



  • High Cholesterol



  • Diabetes



  • Thyroid Problems



  • High Blood Pressure


If you’re experiencing difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection, don’t rely on testosterone supplements. They won’t work. This was proved by MenScript and their studies on the efficacy of testosterone supplements. Instead, it is recommended to talk to your doctor about different treatments. If you’re uncomfortable speaking about these issues with your doctor in person then you can discuss it online.

MenScript offers online consultations as well as prescriptions for British and Dutch men. It’s easy, quick and affordable. With online offerings to Viagra as well as Sildenafil. Shipped discreetly within 24h after having placed an order.

Reduced Testicular Size

A physical symptom or indication of low testosterone levels is a smaller testicular size. If you’re suffering from an insufficient level of testosterone you will likely experience a drastic reduction in testicular size. It is also possible that your scrotum feels softer than usual.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is yet another symptom of low testosterone which can be caused by ageing. This can make low testosterone difficult to diagnose solely based on the loss of hair. However, low testosterone is known that it causes loss of hair in individuals regardless of the ageing factor.

General Fatigue

As everyone experiences fatigue frequently the low levels of testosterone could be the culprit of the general feeling of fatigue. Indeed, many men have visited a doctor, and have reported that they’ve experienced intense levels of fatigue and severely decreased energy levels only to find out that it was due to hormones. If you’re receiving 7.5-8 hours of sleep a night and you’re still tired to function, consult your doctor about testing your testosterone levels.

Problems Sleeping

Many adults are having trouble getting the required amount of sleep every night, no matter if they have normal testosterone levels. If you have a low testosterone balance and you’re likely to suffer even more. If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, even while maintaining healthy lifestyle habits Talk to your doctor about having a test on testosterone levels. A large number of people with low testosterone are suffering from sleep apnea, which can make the situation more difficult.

Decreased Muscle Mass

If you’re experiencing low testosterone for prolonged periods of time, it will likely have an affect on the size of your muscles. Testosterone is among the primary factors involved in creating and maintaining muscular mass in males and women, so even if going to the gym daily, low testosterone is going to hinder your efforts.

Increase in Body Fat

If men are eating a diet that’s meant to build muscle but have low testosterone, and thus aren’t creating muscle mass, the result will be stored as fat. When testosterone levels fall in men, gynecomastia can be very prevalent. This happens when breast tissues begin to expand because of the imbalance between estrogen and testosterone levels in their bodies.

Loss of Bone Mass

Another internal aspect that’s affected by testosterone levels that are low is the bone mass. While osteoporosis tends to be more common among women, men with low testosterone levels have been observed to have lower bone volume in comparison to men with normal levels.

Mood Swings and Memory

Testosterone is a hormone that regulates your mood, so low levels of testosterone may be the reason for the increase in irritability and moodiness, as well as periods of depression, and general inability to focus.4 There are studies showing a connection between testosterone levels and memory. Low testosterone could negatively affect memory. More studies are needed to verify this, however, it’s worth mentioning in this article.

Hold The Hairline Dutasteride vs. Finasteride in the treatment of hair loss

androgenetic alopecia (AGA) commonly referred to as male pattern baldness is the leading hair loss problem in men, affecting about the majority of Caucasian males. It is defined by hair follicles that slowly decrease in size, leading to baldness as time passes. AGA is typically caused by an inheritance predisposition. However there is evidence that suggests it could also be a result of androgens. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is believed to be the main androgen responsible for AGA and those affected by AGA will experience higher serum concentrations of DHT.

Pharmacologic therapy seeks to decrease DHT levels as well as stimulating the hair follicles through the recourse to 5-a reductase (5AR) inhibitors or topical minoxidil. Finasteride is a 5AR inhibitor. (Proscar(r), Propecia(r)) and dutasteride (Avodart(r)) are generally employed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and both require prescriptions. Finasteride also has an approved indication by the MHRA in the treatment of hair loss dutasteride is not. Minoxidil is an antihypertensive medication that promotes hair growth because of vasodilatory effects, as well as an increase in cutaneous blood flow. Topical minoxidil (Rogaine(r)) can be approved by the MHRA to treat hair loss. It is available over-the-counter.

Since it shares a similar mechanism of action to finasteride you’re wondering why dutasteride is not approved for the treatment of hair loss. It is interesting to note that dutasteride is approved for treatment of the loss of hair within Japan and South Korea, but not in the United States or Europe. Nonetheless, it is often used off-label in the treatment of hair loss. many patients are contacting their doctors about the treatment.

How Do 5AR Inhibitors Work?

Finasteride and dutasteride inhibit 5-a reducetase, an enzyme (5AR). This hinders the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) an androgen which is the primary cause of male pattern baldness.

There are three kinds of 5AR receptor isoenzymes with the type I and type II being crucial in the treatment of AGA. The type I 5AR constitutes the main isoenzyme present in sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and the scalp, while the type II 5AR is present in hair follicles as well as the prostate. The primary distinction between finasteride versus dutasteride is the fact that finasteride is selective in the case of type II 5AR whereas dutasteride is able to block both type I and type II.

Dutasteride does not only block the two types of receptors, however it also works more effectively. This could be due to of the longer duration of half-life for dutasteride as compared the finasteride (4 weeks and. 6-8 hours). Dutasteride has been shown to be three times as potent as finasteride when it comes to stopping type II 5AR and over 100 times stronger at slowing the action of the type I 5AR. Additionally, oral dutasteride reduces serum DHT concentrations by as much as 90% while finasteride (only) reduces DHT by 70%..

MenScript ED Review: Does it Actually Work?

MenScript is an online telehealth company that offers consultations and solutions for issues for men’s health, including Erectile dysfunction. MenScript provides only genuine medicines and follows all of the MHRA-guidelines, ensuring a satisfactory experience. You can also look up for these MenScript Reviews: MenScript Hair Review, MenScript vs Manual, MenScript vs Treated.

What is erectile dysfunction ? what are the causes?

Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as male impotence, is a common condition that occurs when a man has trouble having or maintaining an erection. There are numerous reasons why erectile problems can occur, it is usually due to a lack of blood flow or low penis blood pressure and decreased sexual stimulation or activity.

In order to get erection, the body requires to have good blood flow in the right direction, proper hormone levels and a healthy brain all working together. As a result, it is a challenging condition to treat as it can result from physical causes as well as lifestyle, psychological causes, sexual health causes, or an amalgamation of all of the above.

What treatment options does MenScript offer to treat erectile dysfunction?

While suffering from erectile dysfunction has not been a pleasant experience, there were very few treatment options that were truly effective for erectile dysfunction prior to an introduction of ED pill Viagra on its market during the late 1990s. It was “little blue pill” quickly became one of the most sought-after medications on the market due to its efficacy as well as its ease of use however, it was very expensive due to the monopoly it enjoyed in the market.

Cialis, an Erectile Dysfunction medication that is able to be used “on-demand” or on a daily basis, came into use just a few years after, and other medications have since been approved in recent years. MenScript provides Erectile dysfunction treatment in the form of Viagra or sildenafil (generic Viagra).

Viagra and Sildenafil

Since its inception, Viagra(r) has helped millions of people with ED feel confident and connected to their loved ones. Things change. Today, people can buy authentic Viagra(r) online through MenScript. We’ll match you with an authorized doctor in your state who will evaluate your medications, including our super-cheap generic Viagra. All this happens in a matter of minutes from the comfort of the home, which means you can treat ED quickly, discretely, and according to your preferences.

Viagra and its generic version sildenafil are the most effective treatments for erectile disorders. Viagra is part of a group of medications known as PDE-5 inhibitors. It works by inhibiting a natural chemical (PDE-5) which causes blood to flow through an erect sphincter. The medication is used as needed prior to having a sexual encounter, typically about 30 minutes in advance of when you need it to be effective.

The price of Viagra has come down considerably since it was first introduced because of the availability for generic versions that began in 2017, but it’s still quite expensive. Viagra costs about 70 pounds per pill, however, the generic sildenafil is available on MenScript for just 4 pounds per pill. If you do not have an illness that requires you to use the brand name version of the medication, most people choose to take generic sildenafil.

What is the process behind MenScript work?

MenScript is a healthcare for men and personal wellness business which is committed to encouraging men to take care of their health and their bodies by making regular care with health products convenient and easy to access.

The initial step to use MenScript involves creating a profile. It contains information about your medical circumstances, history, general health, and lifestyle, which will help your doctor evaluate whether prescription medications are appropriate for you. Patients will supply a copy of their government-issued ID, such as an ID card for drivers and then link a credit card to their account. All information is stored on a secured and encrypted platform.

After entering their information the patient is connected to a licensed healthcare provider in their state who will conduct virtual consultation. Certain states require that patients and doctors speak by virtual video, however, others do not. Your healthcare provider will discuss your symptoms, diagnosis, and the treatment alternatives.

If your medical history warrants a prescription your doctor will write prescriptions for the medicine you need. MenScript then ships the medication at no cost and will deliver it by mail in the form of individually wrapped doses or bottles according to the medication that is prescription.

MenScript helps you get your medication simple and allows you to keep you from a potentially embarrassing, inconvenient, and expensive trip into the physician’s offices. MenScript only provides genuine erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation (PE) medicines, which include Viagra and sildenafil. So you won’t have to fret about getting fake medication that’s sold online.

Website Experience

Let’s shift our focus now to the customer’s website experience–MenScript’s website. For the most part, MenScript does an excellent job of making their site pretty simple. Alongside their outstanding design and branding, we found that, as a consumer, it’s very easy to navigate through and begin your shopping journey for all of the ED products. For a buyer, this is certainly a plus.

In addition, we were able to locate solutions to questions that are frequently asked on the category or product page.

After you’ve gotten past the category and product pages, the site is still very easy to navigate. It has a top-frozen navigation bar that lists every category and its related products, a visible cart, a login area, and usually some deal or announcement that appears as a sticky footer at the lower part on the webpage. It’s all designed to be simple to use even for novice tech-savvy users.

If you begin your free consultations regarding ED Medication Then, you’re led through an lengthy initial questionnaire that will lead your to the following step of purchasing, a doctor’s consultation and shipping of the medication. While a customer might be frustrated by how long the questionnaire for health, it is crucial to remember that this is a crucial step to their diagnosis. Similar to what a patient might encounter at a physical doctor’s office The same process is required at the “Virtual” office from MenScript. In terms of the website experience, MenScript does a really amazing job of keeping it simple and only one question at the time.